As a bestselling celebrity ghostwriter, skilled wordsmith and creative force of nature, I have the talents, expertise and experience to tell stories worthy of big brand platforms. I will give you the wings and a map to jump off a cliff and envision, write, publish and promote a bigger book than you ever thought possible! Here are just a few of the ways I can help you get started on your book:

INformation Tech

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Product Design

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Human Resources

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The Power of the Curve

A Memoir About Finding Strength in Life’s Surprises

Facing life changing surgery in an attempt to correct 116 degrees of scoliosis curves, Christine Whitmarsh was given three distinct and distinctly terrifying odds – paralysis, death, or coming out of the surgery alive and functional, free to resume her nineteen year old life.

Up until that moment, Christine’s life had been fairly normal as a slightly neurotic, hyper achieving, rail thin, towheaded New England teenager with ambitions to become “the next Barbara Walters.” Her life after the surgery would eventually become normal too, albeit a new sort of normal, as an entrepreneur, professional creative, and, unexpectedly, in the fourth decade of her life, a circus artist.

But this story isn’t about navigating normal.



Where story meets inspiration meets strategy! Find out how to write a book big enough to launch a brand. Build a tribe of big creative thinkers. See why the real power of your life story lives in its curves.


Give your podcast, radio, TV and print audience the inside scoop on what it REALLY takes to write a book that will turn heads. Book an interview with Christine!

Book Coaching

All the knowledge, expertise, and inspiration of enlisting Christine as your co-writer, with all the accountability and the exhilarating thrill of completing your book!

My Books

Nonfiction, fiction, content marketing Hollywood-style, nuking big creative project elephants and more – are you ready to stock those bookshelves? Let’s get started!

Freelancing Creatives

Books, a blog, and other resources for creative freelancers aspiring to up-level to bigger projects, bigger clients, and bigger payoffs.

The Ink Agency

There’s at least one person out there who needs to read your stories and lessons. Your words are their miracle. Our ghostwriting and book strategy services will help you deliver that miracle.

“I love it when someone knows their stuff and is passionate about helping others achieve their goals! I had no idea how to begin writing my book, however Christine has a knack for getting it out of you and on paper. It’s amazing how it all came together!” – Dawn Stebbing
“Christine has endless creativity in everything she does. She also has an uncanny insight into knowing exactly what I want and the unusual ability to feel exactly what I’m feeling whenever we work together. This is a gift from God. Not many people can do this, and it is an especially rare quality in the writing world.” – Judge Cristina Perez (3-time Emmy winning television personality)
“Christine is the most detail oriented person I know. Her passion for writing and ability to bring clarity to a complicated situation I’m sure is the key to her success. I would highly recommend Christine and it was an honor to work with her.” – Rob Houglum
“Christine is a master with words. She can take what you say and craft your message to have the impact and the voice that is distinctively unique to you. She is also a fabulous advocate, cheerleader, supporter, and educator. She knows her stuff and she honestly wants to know about your stuff too. Anyone would be lucky to have Christine be a part of their success team!” – Pamela Zimmer

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