2 steps before beginning to write a book to set yourself up for success as a published author.

Today I have an update on my grad school journey – otherwise known as “a writer’s adventures in Quantitative Psychology” at fellow writer David Letterman’s alma mater Ball State University (go fighting Cardinals!).

There are two habits-centered things I did at the beginning of this journey and these are two things I recommend for anyone taking on a big project – like writing a book, for instance. For authors, these two steps can be the seeds of a lifelong writing habit.

#1: Rewrite Lingering Beliefs

In my case, those lingering limiting beliefs were about my ability to do math, reinforced over years and years of being told, generally by adults and authority figures – that I could not do math. That English/creative writing was “my thing.” And of course, from their lips to in the inner neurological fortresses of my brain, where my math issues became a self-fulfilling prophecy. I guess you could call my new journey, a decision to rewrite that prophecy once and for all.

A life limited by limiting beliefs is a choice. I am choosing not to live that way.

For those of you embarking on big goals this fall or in 2023, what kind of limiting beliefs are hanging around your mindset that might slow you down? Authors – which beliefs do you need to address and rewrite before beginning to write a book?

#2: Find a Spot On Your Schedule

The other thing I did, habits wise, was take my own advice that I constantly preach to my authors – schedule that which is a priority for you. I didn’t assume there would be space on my already busy schedule. I found and blocked off actual space for it.

I added grad schools “caves” based on the estimated course load. I also calculated how I will tighten up my daily procedures and habits to allow for that “extra time” that we ALL have when we audit our schedule and tighten everything up. For example, setting a timer for those potential runaway tasks like social media. If you want something bad enough, these time-freeing measures can produce minor miracles!

If something is a priority, schedule it and then decide what you will sacrifice to make it happen. Don’t assume you’ll “find” the time purely from your passion about your goal. Time doesn’t work that way.

Time is the conveyor belt on the infamous “chocolate factory” episode of I Love Lucy – we either manage its flow, or let it get the best of us.

To summarize, my two tips for those of your about to start a new project including before beginning to write a book:

#1: Check your mindset in the form of limiting beliefs.

#2: Check your productivity by finding space for your big goal on your schedule.

PS: Is your big fall project (or 2023 goal) to write a book? I can help you put the developmental foundation, habits, and routines that will set you for success before beginning to write a book. Schedule time with me to learn more about my author coaching program!


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