3 questions to fuel your writing motivation, cement your writing habit, and get your book done.

“You must have long-range goals to keep you from being frustrated by short-range failures.” 

Charles Noble

Ah, a New Year, when many of my content publishing peers have turned into Nostradamus, boldly making their 2022 predictions.

Unfortunately, I’m no Nostradamus, even for publishing industry related things.

I am, however, an action-oriented book writing coach. Rather than predictions, I have 3 forward thinking questions for you to ponder this year, to fuel your writing motivation.

#1: What is the next thing you will do to get and keep your audience’s attention?

In order to answer this question you’ll need to know the answers to questions like: What HAVE you been doing to get your readers’ attention? What has been working? What hasn’t? What potential attention-getting strategy is lying just outside your comfort zone?

There is more than enough attention and book buying dollars to go around. What will you do to cut through the noise and make sure your target readers know you exist (whether you’ve published your book yet or have yet to do so)?

#2: What is your author learning action plan for 2022?

Note how I’m using the word “plan” and not “goals.” A plan has clearly laid out, ideally measurable action items on a timeline, rather than vague intentions. Your 2022 learning plan could mean learning one new thing a month to help you write and promote your books better. Or it could mean chipping away month after month at a bigger, yearlong learning goal.

What is your plan to grow as an author through knowledge? Read books? Take courses? Hire a coach? Subscribe to industry publications? Connect with a writing community?

Draw up your plan, calendar your action items, and let the growth begin!

#3: What book do you plan to start writing in 2023?

This question might seem like jumping the gun a bit. But if we look at it from the standpoint of long-term planning, there are advantages to asking this question now.

If you’re clear on your writing goal for next year, suddenly the urgency increases to finish this year’s book. Now you’re more than someone attempting to write “a” book. Now you’re a professional author with a multi-year plan to get and hold your readers’ attention for a lifetime.

Now, those writing habits you’re investing in this year carry more weight. Now they are lifelong writing habits. Now you’re moving the needle in a much bigger way – for yourself as an author and for your readers. Now, there’s more at stake.

And for those of you who are feeling really ambitious, repeat this question for 2024 and 2025. Etcetera.

Here’s to 2022 – and beyond!

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