3 Things Working for Authors in 2020 That Will Help YOU Reach Your Writing Goals Faster!

Talent is required, but much of writing is a matter of craft, which develops with time, attention, patience and practice, like playing an instrument or learning to dance.

Susan Wiggs

I’ve been having daily book related conversations with authors and future authors dating back to 2001. Through my business and brand, I live my mission every day to help as many people as humanly possible write books that will make a difference. Therefore, the things I talk about on my daily podcast, here on my blog, and on social media are coming from the front lines of the world of writing and publishing books.

Much of this comes from listening to all of you talk about what’s working for you, what’s not, and what you need (especially via my Ink Authors group).

Here are 3 things working for authors:

#1: Beyond the Book Sales

I have clients who are doing a fantastic job earning book-related revenue outside of actual book sales. They’re doing it as speakers (some of them well paid, some for a living, but all selling books in the back of the room when they speak). A book is proof that you have a compelling, cohesive and complete story and message to share with an audience, versus a mere promise to the event promoter that you do.

Other authors are using their books as money-making magnets through programs, courses, and other satellite products. For my authors who are already professionals in their fields, like doctors and lawyers, I’m seeing books increase and reinforce their career credibility and create new professional opportunities.

The common denominator here is the message that book sales are really only the beginning!

#2: Personal Story as the REAL Attention Magnet

The second thing I’m seeing work for authors, no matter what their message or genre of book, is that leading with personal story is separating them from the crowd (especially in a crowd of authors with similar messages).

When we share of ourselves as authors, whether in the pages of our books or in the content surrounding those books, it’s an instant attention magnet. I tell my author this all the time – “when in doubt, tell a story!”

#3: Commitment for the Win

Finally, the third thing I’m seeing that is working for authors, especially in my community of authors, is that the people who are the most committed and engaged in the craft of writing, are the ones who are the most prolific authors.

What do I mean by committed and engaged?

Some examples (based on actual real life authors I know):

  • Reading and learning about the craft of writing, the business of writing, brand, marketing, and all the other aspects of being a successful author.
  • Writing every day, even something as small as a writing prompt, just to keep their writing muscles conditioned.
  • Engaging with their fellow authors, like participating in writing groups, whether in person or on social media. I personally love watching generosity, kindness, and overall spirit of camaraderie that I see every day in Ink Authors. I watch with “book mama pride” as my members give generously of their time and experience, helping to lift up their fellow authors!

Author who engage in the experience of being an author, are the most successful, passionate, prolific authors I know. Period.

When you commit to the experience of being an author, and do it consistently, watch as all your writing goals happen even faster!

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