Are you stuck wondering how to get started on your book? Here are 3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Prep for Your Book Project!

Our proverbial “plates” are only so big and can only hold so many day-to-day responsibilities, projects, and passions. So it’s entirely possible that writing your book might not be a top priority right now. That’s okay! (Yes I just said that – me – Christine Ink.)

Here are some less time consuming prep steps you can take between now and when you ARE ready to put pen to paper & officially embark on the path to published author!

1.  Journal: If your book idea is nothing more than a collection of random thoughts, stories, life lessons, and philosophical musings, fluttering about your brain like disoriented butterflies, journaling can help corral those crazy butterflies into one place. Journaling helps you organize your thoughts, explore various ideas and concepts, and it captures all your genius words for when you ARE ready to write your book.

2. Research: If you anticipate the need for research in your book, even as you’re still solidifying structure, why not dedicate a few minutes each week this task? This might also help you either confirm or rule out different directions for your book.

3. Goal Setting: While you’re journaling on the creative side of your future book, take a moment to look forward to the finished product, and how you envision getting it to readers. Will it be designed to direct people to one of your existing offers? Are you planning on self-publishing, using your book as a product in your business? Or are you looking to reach a mass market of readers through a traditional publisher? Taking some time to get clear about your business goals for your book can help you craft the book that will best achieve those goals.

Investing a small amount of time in one or more of these activities on a regular basis will keep that spark of excitement around your book idea ignited. You know, that inner lightning strike you felt the moment you decided to write a book and said (to yourself and/or others) – “Wow, I’ve GOT something here! I need to write this book!”

And if your plate is already SO overloaded that the 3 steps above seem overwhelming, try this: Set aside 5 minutes each week to simply THINK about your book. Add a representation of it to your vision board (or taped to the wall over your desk; however you envision future goals). Schedule book dates with yourself to keep the love affair alive!

Do whatever you need to do to keep the cobwebs away and stay emotionally and creatively connected with your future book.

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