Here are 3 tips to write a better book in the areas of writing fundamentals, productivity, and mindset habits.

As part of my daily podcast introduction, I say, “I have found that three things in particular have a huge impact on your success as an author AND have the ability to turn a ‘non-author’ into a published one. Those three things are: writing fundamentals, productivity, and mindset habits.”

Well, as is the goal with my podcast, the goal of this blog post is to give you 3 tips that will help YOU write and finish writing a great book.

Here are 3 tips to write a better book:

Writing Fundamentals Tip 

Editing and writing a book are two entirely different things, with two different goals, processes, creative energies, and mindsets. The mental trials and tribulations kick in when authors try to make editing feel like writing, matching up one process to the other and in most cases, judging editing as “not as fun” as writing the rough draft of their book.

Just because editing doesn’t feel like writing doesn’t make it somehow worse than writing. Writing your rough draft is an opportunity to find your story, editing it is your opportunity to really write it. It’s your opportunity to polish the diamonds with all the tools in your literary toolbox, to elevate your work from an idea, to a statement that will stand out from the other books on the shelf. Once you stop trying to make editing something it isn’t, and appreciate it for what it is, you’ll find new surprises and aspects of the process to appreciate.

Editing is your chance to take the gems of genius you’ve already laid down on the page while writing your rough draft, and make them truly special!

Productivity Habit Tip

The writing cave time you schedule with yourself to work on your book is more than simply a writing session. It’s also a date with your book – a time to feed the energetic connection between you and your book. It’s a special time, one that you should schedule, protect, and look forward to. Nothing boosts productivity like genuine enthusiasm. Where is your next writing cave date scheduled on your calendar?

Mindset Habit Tip

I’ve observed a common mindset myth surrounding talent and it goes a little something like this: “Either I’m good at something or I’m not.” For our purposes: “Either I’m good at writing or not.”

This simply is not true. As human beings we’re all natural born storytellers so writing is little more than attaching a specific skill set to that natural storytelling talent we all possess. Sure some people have more natural talents in this area than others to work with as a foundation, but the bottom line is – actual writing is a skill to be learned, practiced and mastered, just like any other. The more you do it – the better you’ll be at it. Period.

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