You don’t have to be a writer to write a book. Writing is a skill that can be learned. But you do need the desire to be an author, willingness to do the work, belief that you can do it, and at least one idea or story within you that you feel compelled to share with the world. Writing starts in your heart, spreads to your head, and then spills out into your fingers. Once that happens, you have only one choice – to start writing.

3 Ways to Get (You) Writing

I. Unplug: The best creativity often comes in the raw. Technology is fantastically useful, but as a writer, never underestimate the beautiful simplicity of a notebook and pen to capture ideas and thoughts as they’re flowing from your head to your fingers in the heat of the moment. (Also, when you’re writing in a notebook there are no other tabs or windows open to tempt you to surf away!) When the brainstorm has passed and your notebook pages are full of thoughts, words, sketches, and whatever other creative gold has emerged, technology will be there to help you sort, organize, shape, and polish it all. 

II. Study Great Writing: It’s hard to become proficient at writing if you don’t know what good writing looks like. Writing well requires reading books – and regularly. And yes, you DO have time to read! Tally your daily television and social media time (for example) and then decide, as one who aspires to be an author, which is the better investment of your time. (Hint: Arguing with people about politics on Facebook is not contributing to your writing skills.)

III. Stop Waiting for Spare Time: If you consider writing your book a “to-do” for your spare time, take it from me, it will never happen. There is no such thing as spare time. There is time and there are the things you consciously and intentionally do within that time. And the things with the highest statistical probability of getting done, are the ones that you schedule. If the individual tasks required to write your book are not on your schedule, in all likelihood the idea of writing a book will continue sitting on your “someday” (also a thing that does not exist) list, collecting cobwebs. You’re the only one who can make the choice to move it from “someday,” to scheduled!

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