Here are 5 reasons to buy my book “The Power of the Curve” – a memoir about finding strength in life’s surprises – today!

One piece of advice I’ve given authors time and time again regarding the marketing of their books is – don’t simply go on social media and say “buy my book” over and over and over. Having a normal, non-pushy conversation with your readers is a much better idea. 

That being said: Here are 5 reasons to buy my book today.

In my defense, I’ve been having normal, non-pushy conversations all throughout my content about my memoir The Power of the Curve for the better part of 3 years now. So I hope you’ll cut me some slack – ESPECIALLY since today is finally my actual launch day!!!! 

Thank you in advance and here are 5 reasons:

5. Overcoming Obstacles: Because we can never consume too many stories of the human spirit overcoming all the obstacles thrown in its way right? I know I could hear stories like this forever and I’m sure it’s no coincidence that my own life story resembles that statement. 

4. Fellow Entrepreneurs: Because if you’re an entrepreneur or fellow business owner, you’ll most likely be able to relate to those particular curves in my book – the ones where I was only footsteps away from the failure of my business, the heartbreaking decisions I had to make for it to survive, and how I ultimately turned it all around.

3. YOUR Curves: You might want to get a copy of my book so you can learn how to find power and strength in YOUR personal life curves. We’ve all got curves – it’s a part of life. Wouldn’t it be nice to learn how to flip the script and find power in them? My book shares with you how I did that and how you can too!

2. 2020, The Year of the Curves: Because 2020 is literally the year of the curves – something I NEVER could have anticipated when scheduling my launch for this time in history. I set this date last fall mainly to coincide with national scoliosis awareness month. 2020 just kind of happened around it but believe me the themes in my book could NOT be a better match. One of those kismet moments but I truly hope it will help those of you struggling this year; and there are also special messages in the book for those of you who are waiting for things to “go back to normal” – I talk about what happens when you try to throw life’s curves into reverse. 

1. I Get REALLY Real: And finally, the #1 reason you might consider getting yourself a copy of my book today – I promise you that I have opened up my heart and soul in this thing and not held back at all. I did this for you, to finally walk the walk that I’ve been talking my memoir clients through for nearly 19 years now. It was an incredible journey, and I’ll admit it wasn’t always easy to follow my own advice and truly share my life vulnerably – but I did it. And I hope it inspires you to be brave in your storytelling too.

Ready to get your Curve on? Click here to get your copy of my book! Thank you!


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