Some of you seem surprised when I tell you that, quite often, the actual ability to write is NOT the thing that’s keeping you from writing your book. And believe me, in my 18 years as a professional ghostwriter, book coach, and all-around creative writing Sherpa, I’ve heard ALL the reasons for not writing a book!

Fortunately for you, I’ve narrowed it down to 5 big ones:

1. Time: I know, I know – you don’t have “enough time” to write a book. We can have a whole conversation about this AND I can do an audit of your time & find book writing time you didn’t know you had (like I do for my book coaching clients), but here are some questions to ponder in the meantime.

  • What have you defined as “enough time to write a book”?
  • Have you scheduled your book writing time on your calendar, even if that means in daily 15 minute increments?
  • Or are you waiting for “spare” time to open up (there’s no such thing)?

Which brings me to the next one…

2. Intentions: How serious are you about writing a book? Do you have a clear reason, whether business or personal, to write it? Is the desire to be an author YOURS? Even if the initial seed came from someone else, have you taken ownership of it and made it your mission versus your maybe?

3. Habits: Writing a book requires a habit – whether daily or weekly, you must be willing to put the task of writing your book on your calendar and follow through with it. Do you have any daily habits you could attach it to? Research shows that new habits are more successful when coupled with existing habits, like the ones you do every day (called “keystone habits”). How can you attach even 15 minutes of daily work on your book with something else you do every day?

4. Clarity:

  • Who is your book for?
  • What problem does it solve for them (or how does it inspire, educate, or entertain them in a way they’ve been seeking)?
  • What architecture can you design as the container for your book, that will move your reader from point A to point B in a flow and structure consistent with your content?

In other words – have you created a strong enough developmental foundation for your book that will carry you through the writing of it? If not, consider downloading my Book Blueprint Guide. Use coupon code INKFRIENDS to make it free!

5. Tools: Where is the pool of writing inspiration & knowledge that you are drawing from on a regular basis? Creativity is a living, breathing thing, and like our pets & kids, it needs to be fed regularly so it doesn’t starve to death. What are you reading? Is it a mix of nonfiction AND fiction (because they stimulate different areas of your creative brain)? What movies are you watching? When’s the last time you went to a concert or visited an art museum? Who are your creativity & writing mentors, whether in person or gurus whose content you consume from afar?

So…. what else have you got? Fire back in an email to me with YOUR reason(s) for not writing your book and I’ll see what I can do to help you solve it. (I dare you!)

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