7 Questions Before Writing Your Book
My Author Intake Interview

One of my favorite parts of every client book project is the “new author intake interview.” This is where I get to listen to my future author’s story of why they’ve decided to write a book and what they hope will come out of it.

There’s actually a myriad of things to consider, questions to answer before you start writing your book. Answering these questions will help you get clear on your “why” (the connective thread tying you to your book), help you figure out the most sensible writing plan, determine your publishing plan, and more.

7 Questions Before Writing Your Book:

1. Why do you need to write a book – is writing a book a “must” or “optional” for you?

2. What are your personal and/or professional goals for your book(s)?

3. How DIY are you willing to be?

4. Is your normal schedule more conducive to short, medium, or long writing blocks?

5. Which books out there are comparable to yours – genre, content, target audience, length, etc. Find your comparables and study them!

6. What are your coping mechanisms for times you’ve gone outside your comfort zone and done something new?

7. How long have you been talking about writing a book? Take that length of time, add it to today  – Are you willing to still be here answering these SAME questions then?

PS: Want more? Book your free personalized consult with me so I can give you input on the answers to your questions & ALSO reveal the reasoning behind each question above (there’s ALWAYS a method behind my madness)!

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