We coach our clients to show up big. From the pages of their larger-than-life books, to the brands they build around their life-changing stories, our authors lead with their message in a big way.

It should come as no surprise that in working alongside this tribe of big-thinking Ink Authors our company has grown—quickly.

As entrepreneurs know, growth comes with a whole new set of problems that need solving. Our recent one is that that inside of the store grew faster than the storefront (or in this case, our branding). Our website has been telling one story, but we’ve been telling our clients a whole different (bigger) one. Call it a tale of two companies. In this case, it’s fortunately headed toward a happy ending.

Behind the scenes we have been busy creating our new brand, as fast as we can put pen to paper, images into wireframe, colors onto palettes, ideas into messaging and all the other essentials of a big rebrand. We’re all working hard to unveil a new storefront, one that will allow us to show up as big as our clients do. Bringing everything into alignment like this, without for a moment letting go our commitment to our clients, is a process that we are taking very seriously.

You’ve heard the expression “The cobbler’s son has no shoes.” The implication is that the cobbler works so hard serving his customers, he can’t find the time to make a pair of shoes for his own kid. I’ve even joked about my business being the cobbler’s son, putting our clients’ needs ahead of needs within the business, my own writing projects and more. But it was only a joke: while I am passionate about providing the best service for our clients, that darn shoeless kid can be bad for business if you allow him to hang around the shop!

In order to grow (without going barefoot), we have to stop what we’re doing and invest in our business—in particular, the impression we create. That is exactly what we are doing. Call it a rebrand, a rewrite, or a re-imagining—we see it as giving our clients and future clients the respect they deserve by showing up as big as they do, and walking the walk right alongside them.

I can’t wait to show you what that looks like! Trust me—the rebrand we’re working on is going to bring forth a new era for the Ink, one that will allow us to serve you in all the ways you need us. Including as partners in greatness.

If you haven’t already, you can join our mailing list to be among the first to find out what’s been happening behind the scenes. Or check out a preview of the new company at Christine-Ink.com.

It’s all coming soon. For now, I want to thank each of you for being a part of the growth and excitement of the past few years. Working with our clients on the books, brands, stories, and experiences that change lives—it’s the greatest occupation I can imagine.

Yours in Creativity,
CEO & Founder… of a company soon to be revealed!


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