Author content habits for 2023 means matching up your book writing goals to the content you consume and where you put your attention. 

“Life is like an empty field. With intention it becomes a garden, without it weeds and debris will take over. Something will grow either way, but it’s your choice what takes root.”

John Steinbeck

What’s in your content consumption diet? What author content habits are you setting for the New Year?

Meaning, how is your informational food pyramid looking? Are you binge-ing everything you come across on the internet without concern for your brain’s ability to process, sort, and prioritize what you’re feeding it? Kind of like holiday eating, especially with all the treats!

To quote an interesting and facts-laden article I read recently: “The concept  of “action value” was coined by the brilliant media theorist, Neil Postman in his seemingly prophetic book, Amusing Ourselves to Death. In it he states the following ‘….most of our daily news is inert, consisting of information that gives us something to talk about but cannot lead to any meaningful action… “

What’s in your author information diet? How do the things you consume about writing a book support your writing, habits, and other author goals? As opposed to “this looks mildly interesting, might as well click on it and see” as your approach?

You can’t expect to learn every single thing about every single part of the author journey all the time. Know where you are, know your current goals, and select information that feeds your goals. If you do want to capture content unrelated to your current author goals, I recommend creating a folder for it (ex. You’re in manuscript development and find an interesting article or course on launching your book).

This is an ideal time to sit down and give some thought to your 2023 author content habits in relation to your overall goals for the New Year:

What do you want to accomplish as an author next year?

What goals will you set in each area of being an author from idea development, to writing, editing, marketing and branding?

What information would best support those goals?

What questions can you formulate now so that your content consumption is a series of specific dishes ordered off a menu rather than an all-you-can-eat buffet?

Which types of content are you most likely to consume?

Which books should you read, newsletters should you subscribe to, social media content should you consume, on which platforms, and how frequently?

Figure out what needs to be in your content diet before you find yourself in the buffet line on January 1st. If you wait until then, it might be too tempting to load up your plate with everything you see, whether you want or need it. Plan your author content habits now.  

Where are you in your author journey and what type of support, information, content, or resources do you need to be successful? Let’s chat so I can spot where you are and what is most valuable for you at this stage of your author journey!

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