Call me traditional, but one of the best gifts I’ve ever received was a big beautiful stack of brand new, hardcover books! (Because I married wisely.) 

When you give the gift of a book, you’re giving more than printed words on the page. You’re giving someone the gift of imagination, dreaming, knowledge, insights, self-reflection, motivation, inspiration, an emotional journey, and much more.

What follows is a book shopping list courtesy our authors to add to your shopping list, whether for birthdays, holidays, or any other reason you can find to give someone the gift of a book.

Note: With the sheer number of books produced by clients over the years, clearly there were many to choose from. The list below is a mixture of recent additions to our author library along with universal, timeless messages of hope, courage & inspiration. We’re proud to have been involved, in some way (book development, coaching, ghostwriting, marketing, or otherwise), with these and ALL our authors’ books!

Lit: Embracing Your Darkness To Find Your Light
Mabel Rodriguez

Deep in the darkness of her life story, Mabel Rodriguez found self-destruction and sickness. But she kept going, found strength, self-love, her greatest gifts and got LIT.  In Lit, Mabel reveals the secret to how she healed and turned her past pain, broken relationships, shame, guilt, and addictions into the understanding that all women are “good enough” to live their lives full of hope and big dreams – and be the women they are meant to be. Lit takes readers on a step-by-step journey from darkness to light!

Shift the Narrative: A Blind Man’s Vision For Rewriting The Stories That Limit Us
Russell Redenbaugh

(FREE book – you pay for S&H only!)

Russell Redenbaugh, blinded in a tragic rocketry accident at age 16, has learned we all live in narratives that both expand and limit our opportunities. Success isn’t an accident. It can be designed. His motivational memoir details a blind man’s vision of how he changed his narrative from the impossible to the economically probable and, in the process, moved from welfare to wealth.

A Bum Deal: An Unlikely Journey from Hopeless to Humanitarian
Rufus Hannah & Barry M. Soper

The true life story of the man Howard Stern named “Rufus the Stunt Bum” because of Rufus’s unfortunate involvement in the notorious Bum Fights video series. This is a story about our personal demons and a journey from the depths of despair to recovery and rebirth, and the ordinary man who risked everything to help this stranger survive against the most unimaginable cruelty.

Thriving After Addiction: A Guide To Heal, Reconnect, and THRIVE in Recovery
Erin Geraghty

Thriving After Addiction is not just a book for addicts and those with eating disorders in recovery, it’s an entire program. This program not only outlines, guides, supports, and educates on how to live life fully and skillfully after recovery, it shows you how. This book is meant to help create a fresh path for those who are already in recovery and have not learned how to process their emotions, let go of shame, believe in themselves, and connect to themselves in a loving, intimate, and celebratory way. Erin does an incredible job guiding and showing readers how to show up fully and skillfully in life so they can serve the world from their highest potential.

30 Years Behind Bars: Trials Of A Prison Doctor
Karen Gedney, MD

Karen Gedney is an internal medicine specialist who spent almost thirty years behind bars as a prison physician. She was designated as one of the best in the business by the American Correctional Association and won a ‘Heroes for Humanity Award’ for her work in HIV in the correctional system. Her true stories document the journey of a naive young physician who survived a world she was ill-prepared for and turned it into a calling.

No Fear Allowed: A Story of Guts, Perseverance & Making an IMPACT
Laura Herring

If you have ever woken up in the middle of the night scared as to what to do next in business or in life or have been frozen by the fear of failure, this book is for you! Laura Herring, psychologist and successful entrepreneur has lived through some of the most dramatic failures and successes in growing her company, IMPACT Group, and shares them with you like no other entrepreneur has done. She stared fear down and went on to build a $50 million global career transition company. This book is a perfect gift for business owners, students, business and anyone who wants to learn how to stare failure and fear in the face and say: “NO FEAR ALLOWED!”

The Monster Under the Bed: Uncovering the LIE That Drives Us
Kim Fiske

The terrifying truth is… Everything you “know” about yourself today is based on who you decided you were when you were just 4 or 5 years old… This is why so many people have challenges in their adult lives, especially when it comes to their personal and professional relationships. Luckily, this can all be changed. In her book, Kim reveals how to spot the “monster tracks” that are lurking in our own psyches and lifts up the bed skirt, exposing what we thought was a monster as nothing more than dust bunnies and empty space that can now be filled with whole new perceptions.

Living by Los Dichos: Advice from a Mother to a Daughter
Cristina Perez

Advice is one of the most valuable gifts a mother can give to her daughter. Cristina Pérez turns to her mother’s wisdom every day by reflecting on the dichos she taught her. Here Cristina shares those that have most powerfully influenced her life and translates them into solid advice. Any woman looking for guidance — whether she is about to leave for college or is getting married — will find what she needs with Cristina’s help. Most important, Cristina shows that proudly embracing your roots and staying true to your identity will guide you down the right path. Dichos have directed Cristina through the toughest challenges and led her to success. Now let them lead you.

Nuke the Elephant: From Freelancer to Project Ringmaster
Christine Whitmarsh

Today’s creative freelancers, to succeed, must rise above simply being a skilled artist dutifully delivering services and following orders. To step away from the pack, they must be able to run the whole project circus, transforming into project ringmasters capable not just of “taking a bite out of the elephant” but of nuking the whole damn thing. If you’re a creative freelancer aspiring to up-level to bigger projects, bigger clients, and bigger payoffs: welcome to the big top!

Happy shopping and remember, if you do purchase any of these titles one of the BEST gifts you can give to an author is to leave a review!



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