But do you love it, it being writing; how to catch yourself in the act of enjoying the writing process.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Steve Jobs

Obvious question – do you love to write?

I think many authors, myself included, have a love/hate relationship with writing. As with most passion pursuits, especially creative ones, it doesn’t always come easily and it isn’t constant sunshine, roses, and prancing unicorns.

How can you embrace both sides of the love/hate relationship with writing?

Much of it comes down to the self awareness of when you’re loving writing, when you’re hating it, and how to go with rather than against the flow in each of those times.

How do you know when you love writing? What are the signs for you? How can you train yourself to catch yourself in the act of writing joy and maximize that vibe? How can you catch those productivity waves and ride them all the way to shore?

On the flip side, when you catch yourself not loving the act of writing, what can you do? Perhaps that awareness can act as a trigger to deploy some self-compassion, or journal, or take a walk, or read a book. Or for some of you, it might be a reminder to shore up your writing habits, stay with the task at hand, remove distractions, and power through to the other side (which hopefully, is “loving writing” again). You know you so you do you.

Catch yourself in the act of loving or hating writing. See what value and lessons you can find in those moments.

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