On “Your Daily Writing Habit,” my daily podcast for authors since 2019, I draw on my 22 years of helping authors write books as a ghostwriter and book coach and share the habits that turn book writing dreams into published books. Those three types of habits are: writing fundamentals, productivity, and mindset.

Why are habits so important for authors? Because, as you’re about to see in this entertaining and informative comic, your brain LOVES habits! Your brain wants you to create a writing habit. When you turn the act of writing from random to routine, neuroscience research shows, you get better results.

How do you do that? Meet author Margena and her very… er…. animated brain to show you exactly how to build a writing habit and become a published author!

Moral of the Story:
Your brain likes habits.

Give your brain what it likes. It will write a book for you.


What Did We Learn?

  • Have a big goal? Schedule a regular habit to work on it.
  • Monitor your mood and adjust as necessary before doing your habit.
  • Set the conditions and cues of your habit (like Lady Grey tea, going on a walk, listening to a certain podcast or a music playlist).
  • Repeat, even when you don’t feel like it – ESPECIALLY when you don’t feel like it!
  • Consistency tells your brain: “I really want this to happen, please work with me!”
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