Roses are red, violets are blue,
If you think big, I love you!

And here’s why:

Your big ideas have the capacity to change your world and the worlds you touch.

The curves, pivots and revolutions of history are sparked by ideas like yours.

A book containing a big idea is a lightning rod for action.

As the author of that book you automatically become the leader; of what is up to you (and those you inspire to act).

Is this too much? Were you thinking you just wanted to “write a book”?

If you have an idea strong enough to make you want to write it down and share with others, why not give it even bigger wings to fly?

Why deny the potential of your thinking?

When you shake off the shackles of self-doubt and fear, how far can your ideas soar?

Can you even know for sure?

What will you write today that can change someone else’s tomorrow?



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