Creating author writing habits now and not waiting for fame and fortune to motivate you. 

“The Greeks understood that mind and body must develop in harmonious proportions to produce a creative intelligence.” 

John F. Kennedy

Did you hear the one about the first time author who had been trying to write their book, in fits of stops and starts, for so many years that they were absolutely convinced they had no ability to finish writing a book? 

Spoiler alert: There was nothing wrong with this author or their ability to write a book. They had a solid idea, good writing skills, and a clear understanding of their target readers and what they would get from reading the book.

So what was missing? What was keeping this potentially awesome book from being written? Why wasn’t the author getting it done? 

They were missing author writing habits, specifically the mindset ones required to develop the “no matter what” attitude needed to finish writing their book.

Let’s talk about those mindset habits, often classified as “elite performance habits.” How do they impact you as an author? We know how this works in professional athletes, for instance, they train day in and out for their jobs, mind and body, applying meticulous discipline to their habits. And I know the knee jerk flippant response to that statement – “Well if I got paid what THEY do I could do that too!”

Are you sure about that?

The elite performance habits professional athletes get paid to maintain day in and day out, are the same habits they had to build earlier in life when they weren’t getting paid a dime. Call it aspirational habit creation. Then, once they got the paychecks and the interview microphones shoved in their faces, once they reached the big time, they had no choice but to up level those habits – not create them from scratch.

What about your author writing habits, especially those of you working toward building a lifelong writing habit?

Are you approaching your habits while “acting as if” you are an author for a living? Or are your habits reflective of someone for whom finishing a book is optional? Are you waiting for the money and recognition before really committing?

Your results will be spectacularly better if you commit to your author habits now rather than waiting for an outside incentive to do so. Disconnect yourself from any specific outcomes, put your head down, and get to work. Trust that the outcomes will come and in the meantime, you’ll be too busy to get anxious about the waiting game.

Mind and Body Habits

And on the subject of these author writing habits, remember that your big beautiful author brain is also connected to a body. So when setting your daily writing habits, remember mind and body. Your writing ability does not exist in a vacuum. It’s attached to your physical health. Athletes know this too so the great ones work on their minds as much as they do their bodies. It all connects to the work you’re doing – in our case – writing a book. Everything we think AND do, mind and body, connects to our work as writers. Design your habits accordingly!

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