Many of the queries I receive begin with, “I think I need a ghostwriter…”

This is usually because when it comes to writing a book, most people believe they have only two options: Either go 100% DIY and write it themselves or go “all in” at the other end of the spectrum and invest in a ghostwriter.

Well, years ago, deciding that authors need additional options between those two extremes, I invented solutions like my Book Blueprint service and Book Coaching programs. Let’s address the latter of those inventions, and answer the FAQ from aspiring authors: “Do I need a book coach or a ghostwriter?”

Here are 3 reasons why a Book Coach might be a better option for you than a ghostwriter:

1. Therapeutic:Many of my book coaching clients feel an intense personal connection to the stories and lessons they intend to include in their book. They feel strongly called to “get it all out” both for themselves and to help others. Many have been writing pieces of their “future book” for years, in journals, computer files, and sometimes post-it notes.

Even if they have never officially written or published a thing, they are passionate about writing their own book. They just need some outside professional help in shaping their ideas, working through writing obstacles, and meeting their deadlines (so their book gets DONE!). Once they have that help in the form of a book coach, the experience of writing their book tends to be therapeutic and even cathartic, like a giant weight being lifted!

2. Collaborative: Curious about how a professional writer’s mind works? If you hire me as a ghostwriter you get nosebleed seats to the show but when I’m your book coach, you’re up on stage standing next to me, arm in arm, learning what I know, and immediately applying it to writing your book. One coaching client said her program was like receiving a “master course in creative writing.” If you value a truly collaborative, growth oriented, educational, fun, creative experience (which, like ghostwriting, results in a finished book), then book coaching might be the ideal option to complete your book.

3. Budget Conscious: Last but in no way least, there is the sizable gap between the book coaching investment and the ghostwriting one. Actual rates depend on the book coach & program you choose or the level of quality and experience of the ghostwriter. (Remember, there’s always a “cheaper” option if you look hard enough; if that’s the impression you want your book to offer to your readers.) Hiring a book coach gives you access to a professional writer’s experience and knowledge, without having to hire them for the heavy lifting task of writing your book for you. It’s win win!

Please book your free consult with me so we can determine which option is best for YOUR book project!


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