Don’t quit on your book, 3 author coaching tips to remind you that it IS worth it to finish writing your book!

Don’t quit on your book.

Yet another super simple, straightforward, easier-than-it-sounds habits tip from the overeager mind of Christine right?

One of my book coaching clients is about to launch her novel after several years of incredibly hard work and an impressive level of resilience. She admits that she was tempted to quit “a thousand times.”

Can you relate?

If you’ve been working on your book for awhile, especially if you’re deep into the editing phase, you probably can. The “Q” word has probably popped into your head at least once by now.

Please don’t beat yourself up about this.

Writing a book is a big, hard project that is well into the realm of going the extra mile in life. For most people, keeping up with regular life responsibilities is a full time job. It’s tempting to look at writing a book, a good book, doing the extra thing, and say – “Okay why am I doing this again? Why is it worth it? If I just quit now would it really matter?

Let’s table those questions for a minute and look at some things you can do when the urge to quit strikes you.

#1: Turn To Your Habits

Setting solid writing habits early in your book writing process makes your life a lot easier later in the process. And if somehow this didn’t happen, no matter where you are in your book process, I’d encourage you to take some time to work on your writing habits.

Habits are the nonjudgmental, unemotional writing process you can turn to when your mind is playing tricks on you, lying to you about your (lack of) abilities, and trying to make you quit writing your book. Habits mean you’ll show up and keep plugging away anyway.

#2: Lean On Your Community

This is a HUGE reason why I have my Ink Authors community, a private Facebook group where you can go and vent, share your frustrations, your triumphs, your obstacles, and get whatever support you need from other authors also walking in your shoes. Lean on Ink Authors. Visit frequently. Speak up and tell us what you need. We get it. We’ve all been there. Don’t suffer (or celebrate!) in silence.

#3: Remember Why You Started

Get clear on the WHY (or WHYs) powering your book. Think about it, emotionally connect with it, and write it down so you can revisit it whenever you’re thinking of quitting.

Back to those questions: “Okay why am I doing this again? Why is it worth it? If I just quit now would it really matter?”

It would matter – and mainly to you (sit with this one for a minute).

If it’s any consolation, no matter how arduous the writing and editing process is, not one of the dozens of authors I’ve worked with over the decades has ever said, especially on launch day – “Wow, this totally wasn’t worth it!”

The hard thing is worth it. Join all the authors planting metaphorical flags on top of Mount Everest, with total amnesia about what it took to get there.

Don’t quit on your book. Keep going. Even when you can’t see the finish line.

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