When is it enough? When do you call a manuscript done? How do you find the guts to send your baby to print?

The challenge is that writing is an art, and a work of art is never “done.” Art can always be improved upon – it is in constant flux. It is a living thing but one that never dies. Art lives forever.

But the art of writing is also a science, especially if you want to produce a finished book. If you can’t “define your done” you will never have a finished, published book in your hands (and neither will your readers).

Here’s a 3 Step Process for ending the potentially infinite editing process and calling your manuscript done.

1. Book Promise: In its present state, is your book positioned to deliver its promise to your readers? For example, let’s say your promise is to give readers a completely actionable, step-by-step plan to navigate the financial and legal waters following a divorce. Does the manuscript in its current form give readers all the steps without missing anything? Are the steps presented clearly enough for your target reader to follow?

2. Creative Vision: Visualize the experience of reading your book. In its present form, does your manuscript have a smooth flow, carrying readers easily from paragraph to paragraph, page to page, and chapter to chapter? Picture an ocean wave, gently carrying readers through your book. Are there any spots where they’d get dropped onto the beach instead? Are there any creative elements like cutaways, metaphors, or additional stories that would enhance the enjoyment of reading your book? Do any areas need to be tightened to add impact?

3. List of Edits: Based on the above and anything else you can think of, make a list of all the SPECIFIC edits needed to make your book “done.” Add a deadline for each edit and then hold yourself accountable to meeting it. Without a deadline, you can never be done.

It took vision, courage, accountability, discipline, and a process to start writing your book. Now apply all those things to finishing it. You’ve got this!

P.S. If you feel like you “don’t quite have this,” you are welcome to contact us for help moving through the 3-step process I outlined above.


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