Famous words emerged from the pens of Moses, Karl Marx, Thomas Jefferson, Hitler, and Martin Luther King Jr. The manifesto created by each declared publicly his intentions, motives, goals, opinions or worldview. Away from biblical commandments, national declarations of defiance, a tribute to the crazy geniuses, and the tenets of one man’s great American dream, the type of manifesto I want to talk about today is yours – as an author.
As an author it’s essential to understand your “why” before writing your book. This is especially true for the core of our client base; they’re writing their everlasting legacies, aiming to impact the world with their words long after they leave it. “Why” is suddenly elevated to a new level. Enter the author manifesto.
Want to give it a shot? Start by answering these questions.

  • Why do you have to write a book? (Notice I didn’t ask why you want to write a book.)
  • Who in this world needs to hear your story and message more than anyone else?
  • Why must you write your legacy? Why do you refuse to die with your story trapped inside?
  • What message is burning a hole in your soul that you MUST share publicly? 

By declaring your intention publicly and passionately, by using your words to affect change, you no longer are “kicking out a book” for the sake of doing so (and if that’s your sole aim, you are most likely not our client).

When your why carries the weight of a manifesto, suddenly you have no choice but to write it as soon as possible.


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