Somewhere in between Orlando, Dallas, Nice, Turkey, and Baton Rouge, with location names now representing more than mere geography these days, I wrote this:

“During uncertain times, comes opportunity for powerful new voices to rise up.”

It’s too easy to feel powerless now. What can any of us do as individuals? We’re not heads of state, military generals, lawmakers or international decision makers. As people in the crowd, we are left to think, pray, like and share, scream, vent, argue among ourselves, hide, retweet and reboot, until the next city name shows up trending and we start all over again. Is that all there is?

What if we have more individual power than we think we do, to affect change?

You do have the power, in your voice, your words, your point of view. Your movement. If you could move the world toward one thought, what would it be? Write it down now, and don’t be afraid to make it personal. It’s your game changer.

Example: “God’s got a plan and I trust him, therefore I give myself and others permission to be balanced and at peace.”

That’s the answer one of my clients gave when I asked her this question. She’s using her voice to help stressed out moms find peace and balance in their hectic lives. Can you see how, by creating one peaceful person after another, it can become a chain reaction? 

Your thought is whatever you want it to be; the message you want to insert into the conversation right now.

Why now? Because in times of chaos, people listen more intently for guidance, inspiration, and hope. 

They’re waiting for your words…

Start with your one thought and then see where it takes you – an email, blog, or for maximum impact, a book. Write it down. Write it all down.

You have an opportunity right now to be a powerful new voice, rising up above the din and moving the needle. Your words matter and this is not the time to hold back.

We can’t afford to suffer in silence. Speak up!

Write On,

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