Inspiring quotes to write memorable characters in your book writing and novel writing endeavors. 

Who doesn’t love reading memorable characters in novels? You know the ones I mean, the characters that stick with you long after you finish reading the book. Here is a collection of some of the best quotes about writing characters that I’ve found on the internet. Which ones are your favorites? Which ones did I miss? Chime in! 

“Characters must not brood too long. They must not waste time running up and down ladders in their own insides.”

~E. M. Forster

“Character is the very life of fiction. Setting exists so that the character has someplace to stand. Plot exists so the character can discover what he is really like, forcing the character to choice and action. And theme exists only to make the character stand up and be somebody.”

~John Gardner

“When I’m creating characters, I definitely think of theme songs. Writing for me is very visual, so I sometimes think of it in terms of a movie with a soundtrack, and try to transfer that to words.”

~Marisha Pessl

“Think of your main characters as dinner guests. Would your friends want to spend ten hours with the characters you’ve created? Your characters can be loveable, or they can be evil, but they’d better be compelling.”

~Po Bronson

“The character that lasts is an ordinary guy with some extraordinary qualities.”

~Raymond Chandler

“Respect your characters, even the minor ones. In art, as in life, everyone is the hero of their own particular story. It’s worth thinking about what your minor characters’ stories are, even though they may intersect only slightly with your protagonist.”

~Sarah Waters

“You can never know enough about your characters”

~W. Somerset Maugham

What are your best tips for writing memorable characters in novels? Share them here with my Ink Authors community! 

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