Let’s do good together, share our pandemic stories, and document this time in history from multiple perspectives. 

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller

I’ll be honest, with the events in the world that have unfolded since I first came up with the idea I’m about to present to you, I almost expanded this blog post. I asked myself – “Is encouraging authors to share stories only about the pandemic the best use of “good” right now? Or am I thinking too small?”

Then I realized – it has to be good enough. Here I am in my little corner of the world. I can only do what my heart is urging me to do, and that is the idea I’m about to share with you.

My idea serves a few purposes, it involves all of you, my fellow authors, and I think it will ultimately help many people, present and future.

I’m calling it “Pandemic Stories” – a crowdsourced anthology book about personal stories from this time in history, from when the pandemic began, through now, and moving forward. We’ve seen the stats and collective impact of COVID in the media with a few individual stories occasionally sprinkled in. But outside of longer human interest features and news documentaries – how are we permanently capturing the tapestry of stories and voices from this time?

Beyond the legacy aspect, there’s the proven therapeutic value, the memoir aspect, of sharing stories, emotions, thoughts, and perspectives from surviving a challenging time, no matter what the personal circumstances behind those challenges.

My ultimate goal is to collect these perspectives from those of you willing to participate and publish your stories as an anthology book. Undoubtedly many books are being written now. Good. It will take that many books to capture a complete historical record. This is true of any major world event in history.

I’m looking for all the stories and perspectives about the pandemic. This includes the ones that would normally cause a social media brawl. If it’s your authentic, well thought out point of view, this book is your safe space to share it. Pen names welcome. As the book’s managing editor, I promise to edit solely for writing fundamentals. 

The Plan

Each Monday on my podcast Your Daily Writing Habit, I will offer a writing assignment to help you formulate YOUR individual pandemic story, or depending on your experience, maybe multiple pandemic stories. I kicked off the assignments on August 16th, episode #853 if you want to get caught up.

Whether you’re interested in being a part of the published final product or not, I do hope you’ll at least participate in the writing assignments. If for no other reason than to get it all out on paper. Whatever you’ve been carrying around inside you. Maybe you’ll even surprise yourself at the words that come pouring out. Maybe you didn’t realize how much you’ve been carrying around with you for over a year now.

Even if you’re not sure if you have anything to say, if you think you haven’t been “that” affected – I hope you’ll tune in and do the writing assignments to find out if that’s true.

Thoughts, questions?

Please visit my Ink Authors group on Facebook and share if “Pandemic Stories” (working title) is something you’d be interested in participating in.

Oh, and one last thing…

Please tell the others – other authors, people who want to become published authors, and especially people you know with compelling personal stories and perspectives from the pandemic. Tell them if they don’t see themselves as writers, that’s okay, because my podcast specializes in turning people like them into authors. It’s my jam.

Tell them to tune into Your Daily Writing Habit on Mondays, get the assignments, and we’ll take it from there together. Tell them what we’re trying to do. Tell them everyone’s voice is needed in this.

Let’s write a book together, one that captures this time in history. One that captures our stories, our individual voices, one that takes us out of the shadows of statistics, talking points, and memes. Let’s write a book that tells observers of history how it was to live in this time – one that reveals the stories behind the headlines. Let’s do good together.

This is what great books do!

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