My mission is to inspire big thinkers to write transformative books worthy of big brand platforms!

Below you will find my downloadable bio and publicity photos, social media links, areas of expertise, and contact information. Feel free to email me at christine@christine-ink.com if there’s anything else you need.


Areas of Expertise:

  • Memoir Writing Expert
  • Book Writing Coaching
  • Ghostwriting
  • Content Marketing
  • Book Promotion
  • Social Media Strategies for Authors

Personal Bio

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Contact Christine


310-529-9856 (direct call or text)

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All I can say is… WOW! I want you to write all my content from now on. You totally got it! I didn’t really have any expectations but if I had you would have exceeded them. – Tori M. Gage
Christine is absolutely amazing! She helped me harvest the message of my life through the stories or my life in a way that helps me both see and be able to articulate my unique gift to share in this world. I finally feel like I am clear about which groups of people I am here to serve and in what way I am here to serve them. – Hannah Renee Tunkel
Christine is a rarity in the creative world of writing. She has wit, clarity and imagination. Just like a good photographer can give you the best lighting, she brings out the best in you. And she is delightful to deal with. – Ingrid Smith
Writing a book can be overwhelming. Christine has the chops and the genius to SEE your vision for your book, and help you Structure the book so it will make sense, capture your reader, and get big results. If you want to write a quality book that will captivate real readers and have a real impact, hire a real book coach. That’s Christine, Ink. Mellissa Seaman

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