My three words for 2023 are intended to set a daily, actionable foundation to help me reach my goals this year as an author and entrepreneur. 

I love the number three. My Book Blueprint clients are well aware of this fact. Therefore, why have one word to act as GPS for the New Year, when you can have three?

That’s one reason why, last year, I was drawn to Chris Brogan’s “3 words” process for 2022. My 3 words were conjure, direct, and rise. All my three words rose to the occasion and served me well in all areas of my life and business. In many cases, they outright over-delivered.

That’s why somewhere around November, I began harassing Chris (a past guest on my podcast “Your Daily Writing Habit” & business buddy) about when the “2023 3-Words” webinar would take place. I couldn’t wait!

The best part is, by the time the webinar date came around in mid-December, I’d already selected my three words for 2023. They’re a balance of action, magic, and energy, the same balance of word types that worked so well for me last year.

My process is a combination of analyzing what made last year’s words so successful, assessing this year’s goals and intentions, feelings and intuition work (define this however you please), and spending a good amount of time in online dictionaries and thesauruses studying many different words, definitions, and word origins. Also note below the inclusion of one of my most frequently used words when coaching authors – why.

And then, there were three.

Coalesce (action oriented): to grow together and arise from the combination of distinct elements.

Why? I’ve spent many years building my brand, my reputation, and a vault of content (hundreds upon hundreds of blogs, email newsletters, and ~1,360 podcast episodes). The material is there, time to draw power and combine the impact of all the individual pieces of the puzzle I’ve worked so hard to create. This is the intention piece because it will guide my thinking in my content strategy, business investments and decisions – “how is this a coalescing move/strategy of existing things?”

Captivate (magic): to attract and hold the interest and attention of; charm.

Why?  Trust that the universe is “seeing” me and my intentions to affect and serve as many people as possible, and that they will “see” me as well without feeling like I have to push so hard.

Flow (energy): proceed and produce smoothly, continuously and effortlessly.

Why?  And speaking of not pushing so hard… flow as a noun AND a verb. I see flow as the opposite of “force/overthink/spin wheels in hopes of forcing things into motion vs. allowing them to happen.” It also means to be more impulsive without so much overthinking and self doubt.

It also has a significant visceral meaning from me, from doing Lyra. “Flow” is something I delved into in 2022, when I began doing blindfolded improv on my hoop to music (yes, it’s pitch dark in there and yes I do upside down sketchy things from the top bar too!), just going where my body leads me without being beholden to “moves” or a “routine.” I want to do more of that in aerial and to bring that philosophy over to my business as well.

What is your GPS for 2023? Words, images, goals, resolutions? Feel free to share in my Ink Authors group!

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