Prepping for writing habit disruptions means capitalizing on your good writing days and toning the habits muscle so when disruption occurs, you can get back on track quickly. 

“In fire, you can plan everything out to the minute, and a minute before that, everything changes.”

Dan Felix

Firefighters never know what a call will throw at them. (I can speak to this a bit as a former EMT.) Each call holds its own set of obstacles, surprises, and logistical problems to solve. So, in between calls, they train – a lot.

They train fundamentals, physical and mental skills, strategies, problem solving, and more. They do everything they can to be prepared for the unexpected scenarios they’ll deal with on actual calls to increase the odds that they’ll be ready for anything.

How do you train in between “calls” (i.e. writing caves)?

How do you prepare for writing habit disruptions? How do you strengthen the habits muscle that makes you show up for your caves no matter what? How do you do this so much that when you are tempted to blow off your cave (because we’re all humans being writers), you’re trained and ready to deal with it? How do you practice your no-matter-what mindset and your showing-up skills?

How do you prepare for unexpected writing habit disruptions before they catch you by surprise?

It’s hard to predict what will try to throw you off your daily writing habit (although if you have kids, that improves your prediction odds), or when (did the sun come up this morning?), but you can use the good days to train and strengthen your writing habits. When there are no obstacles between you and the cave – capitalize and strengthen! That way, when the fire call does come along, you’ll be ready to put it out and carry on, even if this means accepting the disruption and recommitting to show up again to your next writing cave. 

P.S. Habits are THE key to finishing that book you’ve been starting or planning to start on January 2nd every year. THIS is the time to train like a firefighter and set your 2023 writing habits! Need some help? Let me know! 

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