This sticky idea that there are people out there waiting to read your story, is not a hypothetical one. Their names, faces, and lives might be out of focus for you now – but believe me, they’re out there.

Here’s a glimpse of the waiting list: Someone quitting their job to become an entrepreneur, terrified and excited, is wondering if they have what it takes to succeed and how to do it.

Someone who feels like the world’s worst parent is convinced that other parents would only judge and ridicule them, and feels utterly alone.

Someone fresh out of a divorce, tear stained and alone, is asking – how do I go on from this?

Someone fighting what seems to be a losing (and depressing) battle with their health & fitness, is about to quit trying.

Someone facing a brand new disease diagnosis that has shaken them to their core, is wondering how they will find the strength to fight.

Can you help them?

If not them, picture the person waiting to read YOUR book. What are they dealing with, whether professionally or personally? Which of your stories and lessons can help? How can your words change something in their life for the better? Who wouldn’t want to use such a super power?

Your someone is out there, waiting for you to take action.


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