Release your story to stop reliving it and to help others.

“Words don’t capture, they release.”

Matt Haig

It’s easy to sound like a broken record to my audience of authors and aspiring authors sometimes – share your story, change lives starting with your own. My professional mission is to help and inspire as many people as humanly possible to share their story, in permanent, long-term, legacy building, book form. I live my mission through my book writing coaching and ghostwriting services, my podcast “Your Daily Writing Habit,” and other vehicles for inspiring people to write a book.

But I had a recent thought about the language of my mission – “sharing” your personal story to help others. Is there a step before sharing your story that I’ve been inadvertently overlooking?

Before we share our story to inspire others – don’t we first have to release it from ourselves?

Release your story and move the thoughts spinning around in your mind into the light of day, where you can sort them out, examine each one, and see which parts of your story are serving you and which are not. 

Release your story so you can get on with your life without getting lost or stuck in the curves of your past – especially the sharp ones. Then, by releasing your story, you will have encouraged others to release theirs – to get their stuff out. Because let’s face it – the “stuff” of your life, good, bad, and ugly, is a lot easier to deal with when you can see it.

What more effective way to do that, than by writing it down? 

Write it Down:

  • The stories holding you back.
  • The plot lines that continue to create inner confusion and angst.
  • The characters that seemed to be directing your life but were really just costars.
  • The scenes that, in retrospect, did not play out the way you remember they did.

And if you have trouble writing it down, you can hire a memoir writer or book writing coach to help you.

Releasing our individual stories, freeing them, and then sharing them to help others. There is the better world we’re all looking for. There we have happier people, living in the present, and  not being distracted and held back by past demons (and inflicting them on others). There is the power of the curve. There is the power of sharing your story – of releasing your story. 

Release your story to stop reliving it. And in doing so, help others to do the same.

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