Does your phone (tablet, device, thingy) light up and ding every time something happens that may or may not have anything to do with you, somewhere deep within your social media network? 

I’ve been seeing more and more posts from people who are turning these types of notifications firmly to the OFF position. Good for all of you who are doing that, power to the peace-of-mind seeking people!

I’ve also been hearing from my fellow authors, entrepreneurs, and business owners that productivity and time management are hot learning topics now.

That seems ironic with all the dinging, buzzing, illuminating, pinging, and beeping that we allow in our lives (keyword – allow). We’re searching for strategies to reclaim our time while simultaneously giving it away by reacting to everything that happens around us.  

It’s like we’re all trying to summon the concentration to walk a circus tightrope while allowing people to toss tomatoes at us from the ground!

Whether you’re walking a tightrope or writing a book (which can sometimes feels like a circus feat) concentration and focus are absolute necessities.

How can you create if you don’t allow your mind to settle into an uninterrupted space, a rhythm that allows creativity to occur?

Find out how I do it, here in my article Secrets of a Professional Writer: The Writing Cave.


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