Several years back, when I was doubting myself and my potential to make an impact on people’s lives, a friend and constant cheerleader told me, “Christine I see you through a bigger lens than you see yourself.”

She convinced me to keep the faith, believe that if I kept going I WOULD make a difference, and to keep moving forward no matter what.

That’s good advice no matter where you apply it – writing a book, up-leveling in your business or career, or simply convincing yourself to keep going and remember your WHY, especially in uncertain times.

Keep the faith. Believe you can make a difference, and no difference is ever too small.

For those of you struggling with doubts about whether people “really” want to read your story or hear what you have to say – have faith in the life you’ve lived, the lessons you’ve learned, and in your innate ability as a human being to tell a story.

Also trust in the perspective you’ve developed as a result, which is just as unique as your life and lessons. What you’ve learned goes well beyond – “this thing happened and here’s what I learned from it.”  Those lessons have also shaped your point of view about things that are happening not just to you, but to others, and in the case of recent events, to all of us.

All one needs to do is peruse their social media feed to get a slice of all the different opinions and perspectives about what is ostensibly a singular world event.

We’re each seeing the same story through the lens of our own story.

In times like these, and especially as a longtime professional memoir writer, the reflective questions I lean toward are a combination of introspective and big picture.


Introspective – What have I learned about myself during this time?

Big Picture – What am I observing that might predict what will change in the world on the other side of this and how can I move in that direction?

What questions can you ask now to help you gain clarity on your perspective as part of the grand story unfolding around us?

How can you observe the situation and yourself as an author, through a bigger lens?

As narrators, chronic observers, we have a special opportunity here. (And individually only you can determine what that opportunity is.)

Do you have enough faith in yourself to write it all down? To share it?

I see you through a bigger lens than you see yourself!

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