Are you a thought leader or a thought follower? A thought dealer or thought user? A thought pilot or thought passenger? A thought producer or thought consumer?

Who CARES what it’s called as long as you just DO it?

Thought leader thought schml-eader. Ditch the language for a second.

(What whhhhaaaatttt?)

Think about the implications of the original phrase (which I’ve heard around the internet water cooler, has gone the way of the dinosaurs): Thought Leader.

As a writer, an author of ideas, you impact our thoughts. You give us new ways of looking at old things. You offer up entirely new thoughts based on your unique viewpoints. You re-frame what we thought we already knew. You tell stories that evoke emotion and spark inspiration.

You do this with the words in your book and with all the words you produce to promote it – in your emails, blog posts, social media content, speeches, products, media talking points, news articles and more. As an author your words lead people in many different ways.

Call it what you want. Just do us all a favor and keep doing it.


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