To build a daily writing habit, build these habits too, like movement, play, learning, brainstorming, sleep, and more.

“To be great, be whole; Exclude nothing, exaggerate nothing that is not you. Be whole in everything. Put all you are into the smallest thing you do. So, in each lake, the moon shines with splendor. Because it blooms up above.”

Fernando Pessoa

I’ve recently been expanding on the idea of Your Daily “Writing” Habit (the name and theme of my podcast for authors). An author’s daily writing habit, whether “daily” is literal or more representative of a consistent habit, also involves a learning habit, reading habit, research habit, editing habit, marketing habit, brainstorming habit, physical movement habit, nutrition and hydration habit, and (a huge one for me) a sleep habit.

And how about your daily PLAY habit?

How often do you explore the connection between your big beautiful creative mind and the body that’s attached to it? How do you see the role of physical movement in creativity, especially writing? How can play benefit you as a writer?

As part of my recent staycation here in Reno, I visited the Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum. I will admit, my number one reason for going was to play. More specifically, to climb the giant cloud structure in the center of the museum that I’d hear about.

So, because I’m a child in an adult body, and also because there are no rules saying adults are not allowed to play on the Cloud Climber – I started climbing.

It became clear to me pretty quickly why this thing is designed for little kids. Navigating an adult sized body through the twists and turns and small spaces presents a whole set of physical challenges. (Fortunately, being a 48 year old aerialist has its flexibility and fitness advantages.)

The cloud climber was a mental AND physical challenge – squeezing, sliding and often scooching on my back across narrow spaces, having nothing to hold onto except the wire netting or various beams of the structure, hitting dead ends and having to scooch out backwards.

My brain and body were engaged the entire time in a constant journey of problem solving. “Okay where am I, where do I go next, and how do I manipulate my body to make that happen???”

Playtime at its very best.

Find out why the Discovery Museum Cloud Climber mirrors the experience of being an author! 

More Than a Writing Habit

A lifelong writing habit – the habit of being an author who successfully writes and finishes writing great books – has many components. 

As writers we are multifaceted creative machines, unlike actual machines who are usually programmed to do one thing, like write. Your daily writing habit is a planet with many moons. So if something isn’t working on “planet daily writing habit” – have a look at the smaller habits orbiting around it.

Now you know the big secret – that your daily WRITING habit is a whole lot bigger than the act of putting words on the screen. It’s an entire odyssey of fun, creativity, and opportunities for greatness!

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