You don’t have to be Justin Bieber on a freeway joy ride of automotive destruction and mayhem, or even Charlie Sheen and his tiger blood, quitting his acting job in a blaze of glory, to have reputation concerns. If you or your business are affected in any way by the opinions of others, then reputation matters. It doesn’t take a PR crisis to prove this either. The fact is, if you’re not controlling the narrative about your business and brand, someone else is. Good, bad, or ugly – what’s your story?

There are the usual ways to tell your story – social media, blog posts like this one, videos, email newsletters, and other day-to-day marketing. But what if you want (or need) the ultimate knockout blow to explain who you are, what you do, why you do it, and what you stand for? What difference do you make? How strongly can you answer those questions? Can you adequately answer them in your day-to-day marketing materials? Or do you need something with more weight?

Consider these reputation and brand image scenarios:

1. Same Ol’ Same Ol’: Despite your best attempts to differentiate yourself from the competition, your audience still doesn’t get it. To them, the other guys are selling blue cars and you’re selling a slightly different shade of blue cars. They don’t see your difference and you’re losing money and market share.

2. Invisible: Your product or service by itself isn’t making a splash. It’s missing something but you can’t put your finger on what. You have a problem even worse than a bad reputation – you have no reputation. Your customers don’t even know you exist. The story you’re telling is weak and incomplete. It’s missing YOU!

3. Disaster: You (or your employees) messed up, or maybe you haven’t but word on the street says otherwise. Does it really matter which side is the truth? Whether you did or you didn’t, your reputation is now suffering (and so is your wallet). You tweet, Facebook, and email your defense, possibly even tossing in a cute pic of your puppy on Instagram out of pure desperation. You even send out an old school press release (which is promptly ignored). But the bad buzz only grows louder. The narrative the public has decided about you, is winning and your business is losing.

You’ve heard the saying – there are two sides to every story. In these three scenarios and many others like them, somebody else is telling your side of the story. How will you fire back – with a series of talking points, or by telling the whole story?

By writing a book, you’re telling your story on your terms and in doing so, fighting the battle to restore your reputation (and brand image) in a big way. A book is clear, compelling, and definitive. The best part is, if someone wants to argue back with equal force, they’ll have to write a book too. The good news for you is, writing a book is hard. But if your business is at stake, you’ll find a way to do it. I have faith in you.

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