Did you hear the news? Authors everywhere are declaring their independence!

Self-published authors are now called “indie” authors and on top of that – they’re outselling traditionally published ones! Here’s an excerpt from the article:

When we say “indie authors” are now outselling, what exactly are we referring to? There’s an unfortunate distinction that comes into play. Indie authors were once the authors who’d been published by independent publishing houses; by some definitions that would be any publisher who wasn’t one of the Big Five, meaning the powerhouse game changer Sourcebooks and even Amazon Publishing. But in recent years, that term has come to largely replace “self-published author” with the same focus, an author who maintains complete creative control from start to finish.

That last part, about maintaining control, speaks to my entrepreneurial ego. Why else would I put myself through the odyssey of self-employment, building a company, employing others, and creating products and services out of thin air in hopes that someone might come along and buy them? Having complete (or close to) control over my “job” is certainly a big part of it.

I love the language translation too, from self-published to independent. It’s very empowering! Let’s see what other phrases we can empower through translation.

Self-Employed: Independently operated.
Self-Help: Independently guided.
Self-Worth: Independently verified.
Self-Serving: Independently minded.
Self-Loving: Independently validated.

What a powerful reminder that when we choose to lead ourselves, we become independent by nature. When we are independent, we are choosing to move our creative ambitions forward with or without anyone else’s permission.

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