Why being busy is fuel for an author and how to use busy-ness to your advantage.

“You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it.”

Charles Buxton

If your kids (and/or pets) aren’t about to give you quiet time to do the things you want to do, what makes you think the universe/life will do any better when it comes to writing your book?

There’s an interesting phenomenon that happens when you make the decision to write a book. It resembles a pack of kids on a sugar high, all demanding attention when all mom wants to do is take a quiet, peaceful bath.

It’s called – all heck breaking loose!

As soon as the decision is made to write a book, an author’s already busy life will become even more hectic.

I’m not just referring to the addition of book writing sessions to your schedule either. No, I’m referring to another curious phenomenon that happens to many of my book coaching clients. I call it: “Wow, it’s like the universe knows I’m writing a book and wants to make sure that I have no shortage of material!” (So nice of it, right?)

As soon as you make the decision to write a book and commit to getting it done, you’ll probably notice more things happening to you, more stories unfolding in your life, and an influx of lessons, ah-ha’s, and ideas.

Funny how that works – you decide to become an author and then automatically become a word magnet.

Rather than resist it, or throw your arms wide open to the sky and scream – “Leave me alone, I’m busy!!!” – I would instead encourage you to embrace all the creative energy, experience and ideas that now surround you. Take it all in, sift through it, and see what’s useful for your book (and future books – AUTHOR!).

Because here’s the thing – busy-NESS fuels book writing.

Many people see it as an obstacle to writing a book, but as an observer of many authors writing their books, I see how a busy life provides an abundance of material. Because really, how many times has a bored person with nothing going on in their life, written a fascinating book full of insights and lessons that can help others?

Of course you’re too busy to write a book. If you weren’t, what on earth would you write about?

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