How many words do you write on social media every day?

Count how many words you post in the average day. That’s right, after you post something or comment on someone else’s post, no matter how brief or random, copy paste what you’ve written into a word document or similar word processing program.

Do this for 24 hours, then click “tools” > “word count” (or however words are counted in your word processing program) and see how many words you’ve written in the course of a day. Multiply that by a week, a month, 6 months, a year…

The average blog post = 500 words.
A small book/eBook = 5,000 words.
A business book = 30,000 words.
A memoir = 50,000 words.
A novel = 75,000 words.

(All of these ballpark numbers but you get the idea.)

Now take an even closer look at your document – your words, insights, writing style, point of view, thoughts, knowledge, and ideas. You took the time and effort to write them after all. It may be “just social media” in your mind but words on social media are the same ones that go in books. Which do you think is a more productive use of your time?

What if this collection of random musings is one page in the written legacy you’ll leave to introduce yourself to future generations? What does it say about you?

Billions of words like this are written online every day by millions of people (especially lately). Yet most people don’t believe they’re capable of writing a book.


You have a lot to say.

You have time to write a book and more than enough words to fill one.

You can write a book.

In many ways you already have; probably many books.

You’re already writing every day, you just need to learn how to organize it all into a cohesive thing with a beginning, middle, and end; a thing that people actually want to read; a thing that will make a difference.


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