2023 author resources including my best 5 Writer Wednesday email newsletters of 2022.

“Wisdom is realizing that one resource was never meant to accomplish just one thing.”

Craig D. Lounsbrough

What tools and resources are in your 2023 book writing toolbox? 

Here are some of my favorite author resources to check out*: 

Canva – for easy, user-friendly designs. (Note this link and all the others in this post work just fine, I don’t know what the WordPress strikethrough is about!)

Temi – automated, affordable and accurate transcription services for those of you who would prefer to talk out your book first. 

MeetEdgar – a social media scheduling tool, think Hootsuite but with MUCH better organic reach.

Here’s another item to add to your 2023 author resources list:

According to the numbers, more than authors than ever are reading and engaging with my #WriterWednesday weekly email newsletter than ever before! Between my newsletter and my daily writing habits podcast for authors, I am grateful for the opportunity to add value to so many individual author journeys. 

Now, presenting the top 5 #WriterWednesday newsletters of 2022, based on feedback from my awesome readers:

3 Brand New Anti-Quitting Strategies: 3 things you can do when the urge to quit strikes.

Are you waiting for fame and fortune to build better habits? An elite performance mindset for authors.

When to Double Down On Habit Setting: Why the beginning of a new habit is your best opportunity to lock in something special and long lasting in your life.

Let the light in through the cracks: Sometimes your most painful, seemingly unsolvable creative challenges will yield your biggest writing breakthroughs.

Don’t back off from the hard stuff: Embracing the uncomfortable moments when writing your book.

Which of these newsletters are most relevant to your 2023 writing goals? Which takeaways stuck with you the most? What are your most pressing book writing problems that I can help solve for you? What other author resources are you looking for? 

Let’s talk about that book idea you’ve been sitting with forever. Let’s turn it into a finished book that is a “freakin’ page turner that freakin’ nails it” in 2023**. Let’s talk sooner than later!

**actual words of praise from a notable person, for a recent client manuscript!

*some of these are affiliate links, not to be confused with Powerball tickets though… Thank you!


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