I talk a lot about how sharing your story can change other people’s lives because it will – and quite efficiently too. A well-known national radio personality said about memoirs in my conversation with him: “I can learn everything this person learned, in a couple of hours.”

But have you ever thought about writing your story to change your own life?

Sharing my own story has opened my eyes to a deeper “why” behind the memoir writing process. In each call with my collaborator I uncovered a new gem from the past and growth opportunity for the present and future.

When you read someone else’s book, you are guided through one transformation intended for many readers. But when it’s YOUR story, it’s like getting your own one-on-one master class. You get a front row seat to examine all the events of your life, uncover the most profound lessons, spot the patterns, and connect the wires all the way up to where you are today. Then, you get to apply everything you’ve learned to your life moving forward. You become the primary benefactor of all the gifts from your life story.

In this way, writing your memoir could possibly be THE best self-help book you’ll ever read.

What if, by sharing your story, the most important life you’ll change – will be your own?


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