Writing your book requires grit and a game plan because coming up with a book idea is easy, as is talking about it and telling others (including yourself) that you’re “going to” write a book. No sweat! Starting work on your book is not as easy, but still not incredibly hard. 

So far, we’re in the book writing “safe zone” – the space where the dreamers safely reside, often for years. This is the dream state where writing a book is merely possible. To move out of this somewhat ethereal, abstract state requires some sort of spark. It might be the spark of obligation or urgency – like a publisher deadline, a speaking engagement where you’ve promised to have books for sale, or some other such situation where writing a book is required, not optional. 

But in the absence of such a spark of obligation, how can you leave the “book dream” zone  and enter the “book reality” zone?

With Grit and a Game Plan!

That’s right, it takes a combination of mindset AND productivity strategies to jolt yourself out of “someday” and declare that you’ll start writing your book today, and then do whatever it takes to get it done. 

Here are some go-to Grit & Game Plan strategies you can use to generate that jolt.


1. WHY: Connect deeply with your “why” for writing your book. The deeper you delve into why you need to write your book, the more emotion and energy you’ll draw from within that why, the grittier you’ll be in your attack of the process, and the more likely you’ll be to stay the course and get the job done no matter what. 

2. ELIMINATE EXCUSES: Write down all your reasons for NOT writing your book and look at what you’ve written as objectively as possible. Now cross examine yourself on each one… how can you turn these obstacles into opportunities to be gritty?

3. ENERGY AWARENESS: Know your brain and energy levels. It’s important to have the mental and physical self-awareness to know when to fight and when to rest. You can’t be in a constant state of GO in your book writing. Depending on your energy levels and mental state, you will have development days, writing days, and editing days. Know how and at which times of day your brain is most conducive to which type of work and schedule accordingly. Exercising grit toward the writing of your book also means exercising self awareness of how you work best!

Game Plan: 

1. WRITING HABIT: Do you have a writing routine? I recommend having at least one scheduled block of writing time every week and a writing process – where you’re going to write, a commitment to go completely offline during that time so your brain can focus on creating something from nothing, and goals for each writing session. A preset writing habit opens up a dedicated space (theoretically and physically) in your otherwise crazy life. In my experience this is by far THE most important piece of your book writing game plan!

2. WRITING PLAN: Are you clear on why you’re writing your book, who it’s for, your promise to them, and how your book will execute on that promise? Do you have a clearly defined vision and architecture for your book? It doesn’t have to be extensive but for first time authors especially, having a plan significantly increases the success rate for a completed book over jumping in and hoping for the best. Click here to get my Book Blueprint Guide to create your writing plan and be sure and enter the coupon code INKFRIENDS to make it free!

3. OVERCOMING OBSTACLES: Finally, any good game plan includes strategies for handling obstacles. Plan for yours in advance by making a list of anything and everything that could possibly pull you away from writing your book and then, to the best of your ability, create strategies for handling those obstacles. For example: “Going on vacation for 2 weeks in July – double up on deadlines before and after.” It might seem overly simple but planning ahead is far more effective than being caught by surprise and then use that as an excuse to give up.

Grit means fighting through to the finish line, even when it doesn’t feel great. A Game Plan gives you the strategies to so you’re never alone in the fight! 

If you need even more support while writing your book, please add yourself to my calendar so we can discuss your options – I got you covered!


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