You don’t have to be royalty to make a difference – YOU have pen power too!

If you live your life in the spotlight, whether royal, political, Hollywood, business or otherwise, it’s easy for your words to impact a large number of people. The glare of the spotlight magnifies the ripple of your story and message.

But what if you don’t have a spotlight? What if the light either never switched on or it burned out quickly (like after 15 minutes of fame)? What if you’re starting from nothing, fame wise, hoping to write a book that will make a difference, but wondering if it’s even possible?

This is where you and the people in the spotlight share common ground: You both have to fight through your fears and insecurities, and find the courage to start writing. Fame, even at the highest level, does not shield people from fear.

You know those fears you’re facing as an author about to start writing your book? The fear of opening up and sharing your most vulnerable thoughts and secrets. The fear of putting your writing out there for exposure and judgment. The fear that nobody will care and your words will be invisible.

Well guess what? Famous people writing books, even famous authors who OWN this little publishing rodeo, have the same fears as you do. And just like you, they have only two choices – they can face their fears, take a leap of courage and share their words with the world, or they can succumb to fear and deny the world of their words. Those are their choices and yours too. That’s the fork in the road you face as someone with the desire to write a book.

Which path will you take? And by the way, “might” and “someday” don’t register on the leap of courage side until you actually jump off the cliff, start your book, and commit to finishing it.

How do you do it though?

Here’s where the royals and others in the spotlight have an edge. They have the ability (the good ones anyway) to push past their fears with a sense of service to others. They have an inner NEED to use their story, lessons, and ultimately their message to make a difference.

Call it ego and judge their true intentions however you’d like. But for the most part, I believe them when they say they want to help people. Knowing a few of them myself (celebrities not royals) as a celebrity ghostwriter and listening to them talk about this inner fire they have to contribute their thoughts and ideas in service to others, feels absolutely real to me.

Even if it’s not, it’s real enough to move THEM past their fears and cause them to take action. It’s enough to make them decide to write a book, follow through and finish it, and share it with others. That’s good enough for me and it’s certainly good enough for their readers.

And by the way, their “celebrity” doesn’t make their words any more special or powerful than yours. Life stories and lessons don’t discriminate in favor of bank accounts, Hollywood walk of fame stars, private jets, or tiaras.

Is helping others a good enough reason for you to move past your fears and write your book? Is knowing that your words WILL help someone, enough to make you leap off the cliff and find the courage to start writing?

Don’t sit there waiting for the spotlight of fame to find you. There’s a good chance it never will. Fortunately, your readers don’t care. They love you for who you are now! Are you willing to push your fears aside for them?

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