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In Your Daily Writing Habit, I’m sharing my expert writing secrets so YOU can write and finish a book that changes lives. My mission is to inspire and help as many people as possible to share their stories and life lessons in book form, thereby transforming the lives of others.

As a celebrity ghostwriter, bestselling author, book coach, and owner of The Ink Agency, I LOVE helping authors write, publish and promote extraordinary books that drive powerful brands. Over the course of my 18 years as a professional writer and self-proclaimed “creative scientist,”  I have mastered the process of developing, writing and COMPLETING top quality books and now YOU can use all of my secrets in your own writing!

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“Each Word Had a Purpose…

Each podcast an objective and the messages were as relevant to me as they would be to someone who is just starting out. Thanks Christine for keeping my wheels turning.”  – Rebecca


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“Put this in Your Writer’s Toolbox…

I listen to Christine’s podcast every single day and her tips seem to be aimed directly at me. She inspires me, makes me laugh and, most importantly, makes me pick up the pencil! Every writer should listen to this EVERY DAY! After listening, I can’t wait to hear her next episode!”  – Jeannie


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“Great Daily Reminder…

I love being able to get my daily reminder and tip. It makes me more productive and gives me new ideas each and every day to improve my writing for my business as well as pleasure!”  – Shannon

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I really enjoy this briefing. Christine offers great tips that can help writers of all levels stay motivated and write better content or books.”  – Anonymous

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Absolutely the best. Would never have finished my book without Christine and her team. Totally positive people, totally rockin’ experience! – Helen Arnold
This woman is a godsend. There are only a few people whom I’ve met that have catapulted my life exponentially toward the direction of my dreams and Christine has been one of them. I had no prior experience or clue as to how to write a book yet when our time was done, I felt like an accomplished author. I received excellence, integrity, professionalism, passion and heart all in one package. – Mabel Rodriguez
I hired Christine because I just didn’t know where to start. I’m not a professional writer so I knew I needed help, and lots of it.  As my Book Coach, Christine is very encouraging and gives me lots of writing suggestions. She’s extremely professional and knows what she’s talking about. I honestly think my book would not happen without her!” – Cheryl Symmes

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