Christine, Ink. – Writing with Impact was founded in 2003 in Los Angeles as the next chapter of our founder’s freelance writing career. As the story goes, Christine was having a chat with her very wise mom, who made the observation – “You’re doing so many different types of writing projects for people, it’s like you’re a company, Christine incorporated.” Christine Inc. was cleverly adapted to Christine, Ink. a full service writing firm, ghostwriting for business clients everything from website and marketing copy, to blogs, social media copy, and full-fledged books. Years passed, tens of thousands of words were written, and soon it became clear that the type of work where Christine and her team excelled most (and were most passionate about) was producing and promoting books. Extracting a human story and all its associated lessons, organizing it all into a powerful book, and then finding the readers who needed it most, became an overwhelmingly seductive niche.

We followed the inevitable rabbit hole to what would become our new, more evolved and quite frankly, grown-up brand, the one you’re seeing here, on our new website. Welcome to The Ink Agency, designed for and devoted to people who truly want to make a difference with their books.

Let’s start with a quick tour of what you can do here on the site:

  • Home Page: Get a feel for who we are, who we serve, and what gets us out of bed in the morning.
  • Popping up throughout the site: Our Book Battle Plan, an extremely comprehensive book production checklist that covers you from book development, writing, and editing, to launch, and long-term promotion. Look for it on our home page soon!
  • About: Find out what separates us from our competitors.
  • Services: Review detailed descriptions of our service offerings and see which solution is the best fit for your needs.
  • Stories: Immerse yourself in tales featuring our extraordinary authors who started where you are right now – experiencing some level of curiosity and internal pull around the idea of writing a book that matters.
  • Contact: Please stop by and drop us a quick note to say hello and let us know what you think of the new site!

Now that you’ve seen who we are, what we do, for whom, and how, let’s look at our WHY.

Why have we dedicated our lives to helping people leave legacies in book form? In addition to the subjective reasons our authors love to talk about, consider these recent statistics about the power of books. Contrary to what you might have heard, the publishing industry is far from decay; we might even be seeing the beginning of a renaissance…

  • Bookstores are alive and well: To compete with the growing popularity of independent bookstores, Amazon is opening their own brick & mortar shops. Their newest planned store is in the heart of the publishing industry, Manhattan.

(The Verge; 5/18/16)

  • The kids still like paper books: “92% of college students prefer print books to e-books, study finds.”

(LA Times; 2/8/16)

  • Apparently everyone else does too: “571 million print books were sold in 2015, 17 million more than the year before.”

(LA Times 12/31/15)

  • Life stories are bestsellers: Biographies/memoir books ranked #3 on a 2015 list of “most read books.”


  • A level playing field for all authors: eBooks published by independent book publishers have been experiencing a sharp upward trend in market share since 2015.

(Author Earnings, Feb. 2016)

The fact is, unless you have a personal, powerful reason for investing the time, money, and mental energy that comes with writing a book – this is all just exceptional storytelling. Each of our authors has a strong “why” and in many cases we had the thrill of helping them uncover it during their initial discovery session. When it comes to a person’s life story, we have a passion for zooming out and seeing the big literary picture. In other words, we can usually see your book before you do.

What’s your “why” for writing a book? Are you having trouble seeing it clearly? Contact us today and let’s put your story into focus!

An untold story is an incomplete legacy. What extraordinary story will you tell?


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