7 Ways to Reconnect with Your Why and Successfully Finish Your Book This Year.

By now you probably have your 2020 writing goals in place. But before you spring into action like the cartoon road runner, there’s something I want you to check on first – your WHY behind writing a book this year.

Here a few examples of book writing WHYS from my authors to inspire you!

To leave a legacy and also show people through his example that anything is possible if you know how to shift the narrative of your life away from what you do not want.

To solve stress so others don’t have to go through the physical and mental offshoots of stress that she endured for years that nearly killed her; and then to create a stress-free world.

To write a family quilt and empowering love letter to her young daughter. 

To honor her son’s memory and tell his story.

To let people know the joy and successes that come from living life on all cylinders and why it’s more urgent than ever to do so.

To get that damn story and characters out of her head and onto the page because they won’t leave her alone. Clearly they have something to say…

The final one – that was MY why for my novel! See? Not every why needs to be selfless or larger than life. Pick a why that works for you!

Why am I so obsessed with this? Why is it SO important that you know (and can articulate) your WHY?

Because – as many of you have undoubtedly figured out by now – writing a book is a hard, long process.

That’s why, of all the people who, at some point, have tossed around the idea of writing a book (and even taken a few halfhearted stabs at it), a much smaller percentage will ever become published authors. I’m talking about people who want to write, finish, and publish a book but, for whatever reason, do not ever do so. The reason, for many of those aspiring authors, is that writing a book is much harder than they anticipated – so they quit.

In my experience, having a strong, personal, and clear WHY helps to defend against the urge to quit. It’s the cable that ties you to the beating heart of your book. The safety net under your high wire. The bat phone when you need to call on your inner superhero to get through. Insert other metaphor of choice here.

Remembering why you started and what you hope to accomplish with your published book will help you reach the finish line. It will bring you back to your unfinished manuscript over and over again until it’s finally done, no matter how long it takes.

Here are 7 questions that are a little different from the ones you might normally find on the subject. 

  1. What would happen if it was next year at this time and you’re in the exact same place on your book project as now? How would you feel? (Be honest with yourself.)
  2. Who are you really writing this book for? (Yourself is a perfectly good answer as long you’re committed to not letting yourself down.)
  3. What about your book’s subject matter makes you curious, fascinated, intrigued, excited?
  4. What will you ONLY be able to find out by writing your book? (About yourself, your subject matter, story, process, etc.) 
  5. What “thing” that you’re looking forward to will not happen unless you write and publish your book? (ex. Putting the word “author” in your bio, sharing your complete story as a legacy with your kids/grandkids so they may learn and be inspired by your example, the pride of doing the thing you said you would do.)
  6. What will your 2nd book be about? 3rd? Why would being a “professional author” be exciting?
  7. Which obstacles would keep you from hitting the ground running in 2020 and getting your book done? How can you put a plan in place to get around those obstacles now?

Happy journaling and feel free to share your WHY in my Ink Authors group! 

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